Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sadie and Max

Hi we are Sadie and Max and this is our story. Our story begins on the day our lives nearly ended. Someone put us in a black garbage bag and left us in a dumpster with some newspapers and other trash...we were just about four weeks old. They say when one window closes another window opens and on that day, we had a wonderful window open. I don't know how long we were in the dumpster or why we were left there. I just know that when someone started throwing garbage on top of us, Sadie used the last of her energy and strength to whimper. Suddenly there was a rumbling noise and then light...bright light. Then a very kind face looked down at us and reached into the bag and scooped us up and gave us a little cuddle. He took us to a van and put us in a box with one of his shirts. We had a long ride ahead of us. He was working that day...three hours away from the place that would be our new home. He still had work to do when he found us. We heard him telling his wife on the phone that he was having a bad day, a flat tire, a speeding ticket but he had a good surprise for her. He sounded happy when he mentioned the surprise.

The kind man gave us water to drink and cheese was the best he had and we were grateful. One of his customers gave us a musical teddy bear. We really liked cuddling up to that but we were happiest when he was holding us. We felt safe with him.

Finally we arrived at the place that we would call home. He put us in the box and told us not to make a sound and carried us into the house, he wanted to surprise her. We could smell food cooking and we heard her voice for the first time. She was so happy to see him and as he placed the box on the counter we heard her say "Whats in the box" He told her to look in side and when she opened the box Sadie had to peek her head out and see. We heard the woman gasp. Then she looked in the corner of the box and saw Max. He was curled up in a ball, very sick and very scared. We heard her exclaim:

She reached in the box and pulled us both out and cuddled us close just like he did. We really liked it. We were in a new house with new smells.We really liked it here. They decided to keep us both and we were so happy that we got to stay together. Brother and sister through thick and thin. It was there and then that The Adventures of Sadie and Max begin...

We hope you enjoy our blog and stories of our life in our new home.

Max and Sadie


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