Monday, March 31, 2008

It freaked me out the first time I saw it

The first time I saw Max sleep upside down in his den like this, I thought he was dead! I know there are people who don't agree with crate training but it was the best way for us to housebreak two dogs at once and they grew to love their crates...erm DENS, we call them their dens because dogs sleep in dens and it sounds so much nicer than crate LOL.

At night we put them in their dens and close the doors so we can get some sleep but during the day, the doors are left open and they both wander in and out of them to sleep during the day. Max is often found asleep in his den just like this.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Basking in the sunshine

In the middle of the woods, Max manages to find the most sunny spot! How typical for this little black furball of happiness!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Far more civilized

Its hard to believe that two dogs could be so different! Sadie is shown here lounging during our break while walking in the woods. While Max wanted to explore the woods around us, Sadie was quite content to lay within sight of her humans. She is a creature of habit and doesn't like to be outside unless her humans are close by.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Great Explorations

Max is the explorer. He explores the back yard daily just to be sure no one is in HIS territory. The other day when we went on a hike and stopped for a rest, he had to explore the woods around us. The silence of the day was broken by sounds of us saying "Maxxxx, come back here!"

He has that "I've been busted look on his face"

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Strike A Pose

A rare photo of Sadie and Max together! Typically they have far too much energy to hold still for a photo at the same time.

We were on our hike through the woods and stopped to have a drink and take a photo, Sadie is in the back, Max is in the front.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The rush of the wind....

What is it with dogs in cars and the need or overwhelming desire to stick their heads out the window? Its not like they teach this in puppy preschool yet everywhere I go, I see cars with dogs hanging their heads out the window. There are even websites and blogs dedicated strictly to showing dogs in cars. Typically I don't allow them to put their heads out the window because I'm afraid they will get something in their eyes or fall out of the car. However when these photos were taken we were moving about 10 miles per hour following a construction bulldozer on a back two lane road. I thought the risk was minimal and they throughly enjoyed it!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sadie Chills

Sadie stands guard over the tennis ball while laying in a bit of shade in a patch of "Florida dirt" aka SAND! This was among the photos I sent to a friend of mine in the Chicago and she replied, is that SNOW? Where did you go? Our sand is white but if I recall, snow is much whiter! I suppose at first glance it could look like dirty snow from the side of the road.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sadie takes the ball

One of Sadie's favorite toys at home is a tennis ball. When she found one at the dog park she grabbed it like she owned it and started to run around with it in her mouth....

Sadie, you are supposed to bring it to me so I can throw it and you can chase it, silly puppy!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The ears will fly

He has such a happy look on his face as he chases Sadie. Both of them holding their tails in the air but his has a little hook on the end and it curls around more than hers. He is the little dog with big feet and a big bushy tail!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


The grass is moving but I'm perfectly still.....
I was taking pictures of Sadie when Max came rushing past me, I turned the camera to catch a shot of him and managed to catch the world moving under his fast little feet.

He has short little legs for a dog, they looked a lot like a little basset hound that showed up at the park the other day but he also looks like Labrador perhaps he is a Bassador a special and unique breed of dog!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Skulls and Crossbones

Max watches the dogs play at the dog park while he rests and waits for the next big chase.

We were talking to another couple at the dog park who were very amused by little Max and his tough skulls and crossbones collar. You can't see whats on Sadie's collar because it disappears under the fur. About ten minutes later the woman started calling Sadie over to her and I was taken aback wondering why this stranger was calling MY SADIE!

Sadie went up to her cautiously and the women bent down to pet her and looked at her collar and said..."I just had to know what was on her collar after seeing the skulls and crossbones on his" she looks over towards her husband and shouted "its pink with handbags and shoes"

I wonder what she was expecting?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Look

Max made quite an impression at the dog park yesterday. We got there and there were 4 other black dogs there so needless to say Sadie and Max fit right in...except of course Max was the shortie of the bunch, even Sadie was short compared to these big dogs!

After running around and playing, I told Max "go get a drink" and he looked up at me with this face...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Double Trouble

In a rare appearance together! Max on the left, Sadie on the right. Again that isn't a ball in her mouth its her tongue!

You can really see the difference in their height in this photo, Sadie is about four inches taller than Max, his tail is twice as thick as hers. Her legs are long and lean, his legs are short and muscular. They really are more than brother and sister, they are best of friends.

Everywhere we go people ask "what are they" (they are dogs of course) "are they related" and when we say, "brother and sister from the same litter" the next question "what are they mixed with? We like to make up funny answers. The truth is we just don't know and we probably never will and I'm ok with that, why can't other people be?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I know you....

I could have cropped this photo and showed just Sadie but I wanted you to see the other half of me, that smiling face walking towards me!

No that isn't a ball in her mouth, its her tongue and she is running to me to save me from the box (camera) in front of my face. Typical Sadie, always concerned for everyones safety.

The other night we were out walking and it was quite cold...well, Florida cold, it was 45 degrees and it was very windy. Ken had his hood pulled up around his head and I was bundled up. I took both dogs and walked a bit ahead while Ken cleaned up poo. It was dark but there were street lights. We walked about 20 feet ahead of Ken and they both stopped in their tracks and turned around to look for him but they saw was a hooded creature or maybe they saw a monster was attacking their human because they started to growl and bark at him. He of course played into their fears by walking towards us like a zombie. They had already lost one human to the zombies, they weren't about to lose me so they took their places in front of me ready to defend me from the zombie......

Monday, March 10, 2008

Nothing But Air

Nothing but air under Sadies feet!! She is like a little SPRING and jumps in the air when she gets excited. She is a jumper!

She thinks that when a human bends down to pet her, she is supposed to leap up and give them a big slobbery kiss on the face. I captured this shot from the OTHER side of the dog park, sorry its not a perfect picture but it was too funny to keep to myself. At least the human in question being slobbered on is my husband who knows to expect it.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Look Mom One Paw

Max may have little legs but he can RUN fast when he wants to! Sorry about Ken stepping into the photo as I was shooting it but this one was just too funny to keep to myself! Max has ONE paw on the ground as his little legs move in rapid fire catching up with a big dog as they run along the fence line. He may be little but he has a huge heart! Go Max!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

We need to have a little talk...

Left to right: Max, Ken, Sadie

"Daddy" has to lecture Max on Dog Park etiquette, note the finger shaking going on as he said:
Max, you have to be a good boy, no picking on the big dogs, they could bite you in half, we love you and wouldn't want that to happen so you need to stop being a bully and be a good boy

I have a feeling Max heard it something like this:
Max blah blah blah good boy blah blah blah big dog blah blah blah we love you blah blah blah good boy

Notice Sadie on the other side looking on...can't you just hear her saying "I told you so!"

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Not Only Did I Escape......

I stole the ball!!
If you saw yesterdays post, Max was running for his life from a HUGE dog!! Not only did he escape the jaws of danger, he stole the ball!! There are many toys and tennis balls at the dog park that are community property. People leave things there for all dogs to play with. This tennis ball was right next to the resting "King Kong" dog and Max just walked right up and took it! He looks quite proud of his prize doesn't he?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Keep in mind that Max weighs 48 pounds, this was the SMALLER of these two dogs who Max decided to pick a fight with as soon as we got there. Sometimes I think the chain link of the dog park brings out prison mentality, you know, go in beat up the toughest dog there and take over as supreme ruler of the universe....The problem is these big dogs weren't having it. Thankfully they were friendly big dogs who basically looked at him and pushed him off and said "stop it silly little dog...oh you wanna run? I'll chase your silly ass..."


Can you see the puff of dirt flying from Max's paws? That little boy is running for his life!! That dog looks like he wants to have Max for dinner!! Runnnnnnn Max!!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

If you had long ears they would fly up when you run too

Sadie running down the through the park on her way to greet incoming "fresh" scented dogs. Actually Sadie is just as fascinated by the people as she is by the dogs at the park. She got to meet a human infant for the first time and typical of Sadie she went right for licking the toes. I did yell at her to stop being rude but the Mommy said "Its ok, she is making the baby laugh" So there is a child out there who is going to be ticklish and have flashbacks of her toes being licked when she was a child and its all Sadie's fault.

Thanks for all of your emails and concern for Sadie and Max. They are both doing just fine it was my camera that didn't want to cooperate. My battery had died and I couldn't find the charger because my husband put it "someplace safe" and couldn't recall where the safe place was. I did attempt to buy a battery for it at a local store however the price was about $90 and I thought it would be best to order a back up battery online. Thankfully, he found the charger and The Daily Dogs are back to spread their slobbery love again!


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