Monday, May 19, 2008

You give me gum gum dumb dumb

Do you ever imagine what your dog's voice would sound like? I think Max would sound sort of like the Easter Island statue from the movie Night at the Museum. But instead of give me gum gum he would say, dumb dumb, you rub my belly dumb dumb. This scene never fails to make me laugh!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Little Legs Big Heart

When we take them places, inevitably someone will comment on Max's short little legs. Sometimes the comments are quite rude like "who chopped off his legs" or "what the hell happened to his legs"

These typically come from old men. Depending on my mood for the day (how many cups of coffee have I had?) I respond with varying degrees of niceness.

"why is he so short" I respond with "why is your nose so big?"

"who chopped off his legs, he's so short" the response is "so you're calling attention to his shortness in an attempt to draw attention away from your short...." and this is where Ken drags me away before I can finish the sentence.

Whatever the case, Max is my gupper...thats part guppy and part puppy, he may have short little legs but he has the sweetest little heart.


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