Monday, March 3, 2008

If you had long ears they would fly up when you run too

Sadie running down the through the park on her way to greet incoming "fresh" scented dogs. Actually Sadie is just as fascinated by the people as she is by the dogs at the park. She got to meet a human infant for the first time and typical of Sadie she went right for licking the toes. I did yell at her to stop being rude but the Mommy said "Its ok, she is making the baby laugh" So there is a child out there who is going to be ticklish and have flashbacks of her toes being licked when she was a child and its all Sadie's fault.

Thanks for all of your emails and concern for Sadie and Max. They are both doing just fine it was my camera that didn't want to cooperate. My battery had died and I couldn't find the charger because my husband put it "someplace safe" and couldn't recall where the safe place was. I did attempt to buy a battery for it at a local store however the price was about $90 and I thought it would be best to order a back up battery online. Thankfully, he found the charger and The Daily Dogs are back to spread their slobbery love again!



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