Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I know you....

I could have cropped this photo and showed just Sadie but I wanted you to see the other half of me, that smiling face walking towards me!

No that isn't a ball in her mouth, its her tongue and she is running to me to save me from the box (camera) in front of my face. Typical Sadie, always concerned for everyones safety.

The other night we were out walking and it was quite cold...well, Florida cold, it was 45 degrees and it was very windy. Ken had his hood pulled up around his head and I was bundled up. I took both dogs and walked a bit ahead while Ken cleaned up poo. It was dark but there were street lights. We walked about 20 feet ahead of Ken and they both stopped in their tracks and turned around to look for him but they saw was a hooded creature or maybe they saw a monster was attacking their human because they started to growl and bark at him. He of course played into their fears by walking towards us like a zombie. They had already lost one human to the zombies, they weren't about to lose me so they took their places in front of me ready to defend me from the zombie......


RunningNan said...

Now I feel like I'm caught up! I love the action photos!


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