Monday, March 24, 2008

The rush of the wind....

What is it with dogs in cars and the need or overwhelming desire to stick their heads out the window? Its not like they teach this in puppy preschool yet everywhere I go, I see cars with dogs hanging their heads out the window. There are even websites and blogs dedicated strictly to showing dogs in cars. Typically I don't allow them to put their heads out the window because I'm afraid they will get something in their eyes or fall out of the car. However when these photos were taken we were moving about 10 miles per hour following a construction bulldozer on a back two lane road. I thought the risk was minimal and they throughly enjoyed it!


RunningNan said...

Nora gets to stick her head out of the window up until I am over 35 mph. Never on a freeway. I have window locks, so I only put it down far enough for her head to fit in and out with ease, and her leash is on so I can grab a hold of her if I need to. I forget the reason for them sticking their heads out, but I do know that mine loves it!


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