Thursday, January 17, 2008


When I heard the "happy bark" coming from our bedroom I knew what he was doing so this time I ran in there with the camera to catch him in the act.......

Max likes to burrow down under the covers (or in stacks of unwashed laundry) and roll around, it apparently makes him very happy and he will give little happy barks. Finally I was able to get in there quick enough to catch him in the act just as he emerged from under the covers....he is looking quite guilty here isn't he, LOL

He almost looks defiant in this one...I'm here, I've been caught in the act, I'm staying!

And NO I don't make my bed very often...why should I? Do you plan on stopping over without calling? I have to viscous watch dogs so you better look out :-)


RunningNan said...

That is awesome! I have a similar problem... except it happens when I am making my bed.. I get the cat and dog... Oh the joy they bring!

R.E. said...

LOL Great picture. Our greyound, Merlin, is the king of building nests. You know, being comfy is so important. Right at the top of canine priorities!


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