Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy Found Day!!

You might be asking, what the heck is Found Day! Quite simply, Found Day is the day Ken found Sadie and Max. We don't know when they were born, so we can't celebrate their birthday but we thought it was fitting to celebrate the day their lives would have surly ended had they not been found. If you don't know the story of Sadie and Max and their Found Day you can read about it by clicking on FOUND DAY.

Two years ago these precious puppies came into our lives. Its hard to imagine a time without them. If you know me you know these two are the pride and joy of life. If you have read their story you know why these two are so precious to us.

I picked today to officially launch this blog because its a special day in our house. Like like my other blogs its a work in progress so please stay tuned and check back often for updates and more photos of Sadie and Max doing what they do best!

Be sure and scroll down the blog to check out their slide shows! If you don't have a lot of time, at least take a look at their First Four Months slide show...its hard to believe they were ever that small.

Sadie weighed 5 pounds 4 ounces and Max weighed 4 pounds 5 ounces.

Today Sadie weighs in at about 50 pounds and Max is about 45 pounds. WOW how they have grown!!

If you have a pet blog you'd like to link to our blog, just leave a comment with your blog address and Sadie and Max would be happy to be your buddy!

Sadie takes the lead as they run to greet a new dog arriving at the dog park


Chubby Chick said...

They are absolutely adorable! Every time I read about how they are your walking partners, I SO wish that I had a dog to help me get in my exercise, too!

RunningNan said...

I love all of the pictures. They certainly are adorable pups!

~Diet Goddess~ said...

I'm new to the Scale Junkie blog and just read the story of Maxx and Sadie over there. I had to come here to see more. My 9 year old son and I really enjoyed their story and the pictures. We can't wait to hear more!

We were both very thankful that they were found by you guys. It must have been meant to be! It breaks my heart that someone could have been so cruel and heartless, but thank goodness it worked out for the very best.


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