Monday, January 21, 2008

Sadie and her tongue...

She yawns or starts licking her lips, I wonder if she thinks I'll make a tasty snack? YIKES!!

Sadie is the kisser and she kisses with tongue. If your lips are moving, she interprets that as "you need a kiss"

Check out the size of her tongue!! She has kissed every willing face and some not so willing faces in our neighborhood. When we go on our walk and people who she has slobbered before wave hello and then push their lips together tightly to say "that tongue isn't going in MY mouth"...yeah, the girl has a reputation.

One of the most embarrassing moments at the dog park was Sadie spotting a man laying on the ground soaking up the sun, she ran towards him and pounced on top of his chest pinning him down with her 50 pound body and licking his face. When he opened his mouth to protest, she kissed him more and more until I physically removed her from his body.

His comment as he used his sleeve to wipe the slobber from his mouth...."damn, she kisses better than my ex girlfriend"


RunningNan said...

That is so funny! Atleast he didn't go back for more!


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