Friday, January 18, 2008

Waves Fear Us

This is one of my favorite pictures of Sadie and Max (with a bonus shot of my husband) We were in Ft. Pierce Florida last year and of course we had to find a private area of the beach where we could take them down to the water. They play in the Gulf of Mexico often but this was their first swim in the Atlantic Ocean. They LOVE to swim and these mild waves have the Sadie and Max Seal of Approval!

This particular photo made me laugh because it was taken after then had rolled around in the water and splashed quite a bit. They were running back in for one last splash around and the water seems to be retreating as if to say "OH NO, not those two crazy dogs again!"


RunningNan said...

I wish you could come up here some time.. We have a 7 acre dog park with a 3 acre lake in the middle... There are atleast 100 dogs there on the weekends. Nora doesn't swim on her own yet, but she plays with her two lab buddies while they swim. In fact, we are going to Duncan and Dugans house tonight for them to play together while their mommy is out with her mommy. Then, when they return, she'll watch my nora while I snooze in her spare bedroom!

I know that Nora, Sadie and MAx would totally get along!


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