Friday, February 15, 2008

And from this side you can see my giant teeth...

For a smaller dog, Max packs a powerful CHOMP! A Chomp on this favorite dog toys that is. In this picture he is waiting patiently for Ken to throw the toy and he is waiting to pounce. Max is all heart, he is my protector, my defender and my 45 pound lap warmer. He is 100% boy, he loves to play catch, roll around in the sand and sit in the front window to growl at everyone who dares walk past our house. Heaven forbid a cat dare enter our yard! He hates cats! But with good reason, when he was just 5 weeks old, the neighbors cat smacked him on the nose and gave him a big hisssssssssssss for getting too close and too curious. Clearly dogs can hold a grudge.



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