Monday, February 11, 2008

Play Time For Puppies

My sweet innocent puppies play rough! Yes thats cute little Max showing his big bad teeth to Sadie as they determine who will walk away with the "toy" The thing is, he wants his orange Cuz, she wants the tennis ball and they both think the other wants their toy...time for a throw down puppy style!!

Sadie thinks she is getting the upper hand when Max falls to the ground but really, its his little plot to just lay there and bite her....

He is up again and they are both wanting their dog toys. Who will win?

And then they realize their "human" is watching and they stop and look all innocent. Look at Sadies (right) face, it looks like she is saying "He started it Mom"

Isn't the back yard lovely? We had a weed that took over a section of the back yard and flower beds, we won't use a chemical to kill them because the dogs like to play in the back so we use a natural weed killer that is puppy friendly but a weed killer. So in the mean time, our back yard is a big sand pit, there are a few stragglers left that need to be treated again and then we get ready for new sod in the spring and mulch and flowering plants in the flower beds along the house. Its quite a project and honestly I don't really like yard work that much but it had to be done, the back yard was looking like a jungle.

We still need to cut back the bougainvilleas and if you are familiar with bougainvilleas you know they are quite beautiful to look at but have long sharp thorns. They are starting to choke out the lemon tree and I need lemons more than I need pretty thorny flowering bushes.

I love to cook using the lemons from the tree and this year we only have about a dozen lemons. Luckily my neighbor only uses about two or three from her tree the whole season and has invited me to pick some from her tree, as long as I take the ones from the top where she can't reach. She is 80something and about 5'2" tall. I went over and asked her to show me how high she could reach and then I held up my arm for a visual. When I reach my arm up, anything above my elbow is out of her reach. LOL she is so sweet, the neighborhood gossip but sweet.


RunningNan said...

How cute! The orange toy sure looks like one that is in my back yard covered in snow right now!

nora has brought in a yucky dirty and wet tennis ball that we are throwing around the house. It looks like I'll be doing some touch up painting this spring!


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