Tuesday, February 19, 2008

And so we went to the vets...

Does this look like a cry baby face?
Could you ever believe that this sweet face is aggressive?

Yesterday at the vet was a disaster. We are under contract with Banfield's, we pay a monthly fee, Max and Sadie get all of their shots and exams covered. When we first signed up, I LOVED the vet and they loved the vet. Then they had a new vet for a few months. I didn't like him at all. Max and Sadie didn't like him either. After their last drop off visit with that vet, they hated going to the vets. Yesterday was no exception.

As soon as they saw where we were they both had their little anxiety bowel movement. TMI I know. Then we got inside and Sadie started acting like a wild woman. Jumping, trying to bite my hand, trying to bite the lead. Max wanted me to "hold" him. We got checked in, they weighed in and we were put in the little room and for the 45 minutes we were in there, Sadie whimpered. They both tried to sit on top of me. They both wanted on my lap.

First the vet tech nurse came in and they were skiddish. One by one I was able to put them on the table for an exam. Yes, the thermometer goes up the butt Max, I'm sorry. They did ok.

Then the new vet came in. They started barking and Max can't bark without growling. Its just what he does. He growls when he is playing too.

Then they start trying to bribe them with biscuits.

Then the vet starts questioning me as to what they are mixed with. I told him their story. Remember that the entire time Sadie is whimpering, jumping up on me from one side, Max is jumping up from the other side. It was complete chaos. So then he asks me if he just doesn't like Men and I said he has no problem with me, only when they are wearing hats do they not like them. Thats not completely true. Some people they just don't like, others they love. Kids they love. I said "he is just protective because he doesn't know if you will hurt me or Sadie"

So I put Max on the table and the vet starts to go up to him and then stops. Then he looks at me and says "I want to put a muzzle on him"

I guess the look on my face said it all. Max was already traumatized by being there and now he wanted to put on a muzzle? I said "this dog is NOT aggressive. If you could see him with the little children of the neighborhood who hug him, pull his ears and kiss his face and he just sits there wagging his tail loving every minute of it you would never ever call him aggressive"

So then the vet went to plan B. Offering Max a treat. The way to Max's heart is through his stomach. He took the treat and made friends with the vet and all was sort of ok.

Sadies turn on the table was just horrible. I had to HOLD her in place to keep her from jumping off the table. She was trying so hard to escape.

I just wonder what they did to them last time they were there with the old vet?

All was fine until it was time for the vet to leave the room, he dared shake my hand and Max started barking and growling at him all over again. He was sitting in the corner at the time, he didn't leave the corner. He didn't approach the vet. He just barked and growled.

So the vet says, from now on they should have their exams without me in the room.

Unfortunately we are under contract until January of next year and they have to go back again in April for a comprehensive exam. They will have another exam next fall. After that we are looking for a new vet. I'll interview as many as I have to find the right vet for my "children" I really liked Banfields at first but its just a revolving door of vets and I just have to wonder about the quality of care when the vet can't built a relationship with dog and can't recognize basic dog behavior. I really believe that the last vet did something to hurt them or scare them. I wish we would have canceled the contract after last October's visit.


RunningNan said...

If the vet was afraid then he shouldnt be a vet!


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