Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Last Blade of Grass

Sadie and Max were quite upset to see a large section of "their" grass cut out of the lawn, however they have thoroughly enjoyed playing in the sand pit that remains. Oh that sand, we call that dirt here in Florida. I like to call Florida one giant ant hill. Often Max will sit outside staring at the ground and I'll go out and see he is actually watching the ants. We keep a close eye on our lawn to make sure we don't get fire ants that bite and leave behind a painful white hard bump.

In this picture Max had one of the last remaining bits of green between his paws and was sniffing it like a flower, of course he moved before I could grab the camera but still, I thought this was pretty cute. He is a true boy, he loves to be outside, he loves to roll around in the dirt and just sit in the grass (on the other side of the lawn) and soak up the sunshine.


RunningNan said...

oh god,.. fire ants....

that is a cute picture!


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