Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dieting for Doggies

Starting Weight: 58.5 pounds
Goal Weight: 55 pounds

My name is Sadie and I love to eat! People food is my favorite. If the humans are eating it, I want to eat it too. I've learned that certain whimpers make them think I'm starving or makes them feeling guilty and compelled to share. I don't care what it takes, I want their food. I've even resorted to stealing a fully cooked chicken breast from the counter and a sandwich from a plate on the coffee table. "hey if they didn't want me to have it, they shouldn't have left it where I can reach it" My hobbies include: going for walks, running through sprinklers, biting sprinklers, laying on the sofa, laying on the chair, begging for food, warming feet by laying on them, sitting in laps and french kissing everyone who dares put their mouth near mine. I'm only doing this diet because my human Mommy is making me. Yeah, Daddy still slips me extra treats every night but shhhhh don't tell Mom, I'm on a diet!


Starting Weight: 48.5 pounds
Goal Weight: 45 pounds

My name is Max and I'm cute! I love to eat and people food is my favorite too but unlike Sadie who has to whimper, I've learned to communicate by staring at the humans and drooling until they hand over the food. Sometimes I have to pant a bit and prance around to make sure they know I'm there and waiting but I always get my food! My favorites are cheese, meat, vegetables and whipped cream. I love toast but only if it has butter on it. I love pizza but I won't eat it cold. I enjoy having my neck scratched and my belly rubbed. I truly believe the humans main job is to rub my belly. I roll over and they obey, works like a charm. Everywhere I go people think I'm a puppy because I'm short and cute and they let me get away with everything. My hobbies include: going for walks, playing outside, laying in the sun by day, staring at the stars and moon night, watching geckos, licking frogs, sleeping on the chair and sofa, patrolling the house, sitting in the front window and growling at everyone who walks by, barking should they get to close and running to warn the humans of intruders. I hate cats, cats are NOT allowed in MY yard! Unlike Sadie, I don't slobber on the humans but I do give kisses, especially to my human Mommy. I'm very protective of my family and I'm a good guard dog. They humans don't realize how much work it is being this cute. I love treats, bring on the treats. I'd do a flip for a treat. Don't tell our human Mommy but Daddy still gives us extra biscuits at bedtime every night. He is only supposed to give us two each, he gives us three.


RunningNan said...

Oh boy. That is funny! Max looks like Nora's boytoy up here Max Dugan! haha


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